Henrietta, Nugget and Morsel

Mycomputerbooks.com is a site dedicated to to creating ever expanding apps that teach reading to children and others learning English as a second language. As a start, a “Little Red Hen” iPad app has been developed.

The background artwork has a classic storybook look. It is expressive, vibrant and beautiful but is not animated. Instead, animation is focused on syllables and words.

This animation is triggered on the tablet device through two tapping interfaces – the story interface and the words interface.  




As the story is tapped, it is narrated. As the narration progresses, the syllables of every word are highlighted in red. Swipe right and the words interface appears.wordBounceNB




As a word is tapped, that word is pronounced and each syllable “pops out” as it is read; the font color is highlighted in red and the font size increased. Swipe left and the story interface appears.


The talents of a narrator and an artist have been leveraged. These talents were combined with the animation to create an impressive final app – “Ready Hen.”

Similar books focus their animation on the background art. Apps developed at mycomputerbooks.com won’t do this. Instead, animation will focus on words and syllables.